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Leaders are tour guides not travel agents!

Published on - March 14, 2018

As published in Businessday: http://www.businessdayonline.com/leaders-tour-guides-not-travel-agents/ ———————————————————– I sat at a workers meeting in January and heard this phrase and it just stayed with me. Leaders. are.tour.guides.not.travel.agents. A travel agent as defined by Webster is a person who provides travel and tourism related services to the public on behalf of suppliers such as activities, airlines, car … Continue reading Leaders are tour guides not travel agents!

Bank & Entrepreneur Africa Magazine features Ngozi Adebiyi and OutsideIn HR in their April 2017 Special Edition tagged The SME Women 100 Special Edition

"Whatever your need is in the HRBP, Talent Management & resourcing space, we can craft and tailor to your needs – just let us! "

Our voice is clear, high pitched & balanced! We are charting an unthreaded course and singing from an unsung musical sheet.

Our focus is tailor made interventions to address the fundamental challenge of businesses today.

OutsideIn HR Limited was birth from this realization - "you've got to find what you love...this is true for your work as it is for your lovers" - an excerpt from Steve Jobs famous Stanford commencement speech. Thanks Steve - who would have known how far reaching the impact of a commencement speech could go?

OutsideIn HR has been nurtured as a successful social experiment - to find out what happens when you stop careering and start contributing! Contributing really meaningfully in the areas you're most passionate about. Selah.

The goal we set ourselves is for OutsideIn HR to revolutionise the HR industry in Nigeria by impacting great companies with our services & becoming a role model for 21st century HR - period.
We're helping HR & business leaders drive & accomplish their objectives!

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