Our Offerings

The thing with HR – good HR that is –is there’s a need to find, nurture, develop and retain good people which are inherently in all company DNAs.  

We cater to growing businesses, national corporates & multinationals.

Whatever your need is in the HRBP, Talent Management & resourcing space, we can craft and tailor to your needs – just let us!

Revolutionary ? Yes! because…

  • OutsideIn HR brings a fresh new perspective to providing value add HR service
  • We’re making people think differently… in the HR space & in business and that’s huge!
  • We’re pointing great companies to the future of successful HR that would deliver guaranteed business results
  • At the core of our offerings is solid HRBP successes & hands-on experience laced with a healthy dose of authenticity – it can’t get truer than that!

Our voice is clear, high pitched & balanced! We are charting an unthreaded course and singing from an unsung musical sheet.

Our focus is tailor made interventions to address the fundamental challenge of businesses today.

We are trusted advisors and a strategic resource for business & HR leaders who care enough to want to drive organizational performance. …and mean it with their hearts and minds – no theatrics!

As with all things tailor-made, this is dependent on specificity. We are clear that value is perceived by the receiver and not the giver so once we have a chat with you to identify how we can better support, we’ll definitely arrive at a win:win – which is what we’re all about. 

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