“What’s your 4.38 GPA?”

Posted on March 22, 2017

In the era before private universities, except you were a student at University of Ibadan chances are the maximum grade point average (GPA) you could achieve per semester or session was 5.0. University of Ibadan had a maximum of 7.0 – not sure I was aware of the reason.

The year was 1998 and it was ‘final year’. Students Industrial Work Experience (S.I.W.E) just ended and gratefully 2nd semester year four was graded as a project – A five point GPA on one’s project secured an all A semester and the needed boost on the 2:1 quest but cumulative GPA was a 3.37. Kai! The quest to get on the 2:1 band was the entire bane of existence at that point in time for anyone in and around that three point something GPA.

Unibesto Lindus was cruising on a 3.46 so it was important to understand if this aligned vision was achievable or not for both parties.
How or where the thought came from, we still don’t know but it got us thinking, exploring, wishing, hoping and striving to attain what seemed achievable!
We did the maths….that grade point average mathematics that requires course units multiplied by intended grade and divided by maximum number of course units achievable or something along those lines!
As soon as we computed if it was achievable we landed on 4.38 semester GPA requirement to make it happen. Lindus had a lower four point something target with an already higher CGPA.

So the jury was out – If one was to make it to second class upper, the bridge was 4.38.
So we focused on the goal and dug in! Looking back, not sure where the grit came from.

There was no privilege of attending workshops or mentors who had walked the path share about goals, vision boards and mindmapping but this sheer willpower that everyone surely has seemed sufficient. There’s’ something intentional about focus and drive.

What’s the 4.38 semester required to accomplish that task or work project or entrepreneurial hurdle? First thing is to determine if it’s achievable – have you scoped it? Or just given up because it doesn’t look doable or too high?
Do you have people around you with similar goals – A Lindus who may just be the right journey mate required to summit with you. Find one – always ideal to not walk the path alone.

The semester ended and by extension University education! Fast forward to when results came out– they just wrote the final semester GPA and the class of degree on a piece of paper as there were a dozen or more at the HOD office to check.
3.49/second class lower. What?! That was not the plan!

Last lesson learnt – Remain resolute, unwavering.
it was important to keep the eye on the ball and be aware of eventualities. If we hadn’t mapped out what was required, we would have lived with that result. Mapping out enabled us question what went wrong and to the extent of formally requesting one of the courses to be remarked! Yes it happened and the score changed from a ‘C’ to a ‘B’ and by extension, 4.38 came to life and a 2:1 that changed a life!
Identify the Lindus in every seemingly tough situation and keep your eyes on your “4.38 GPA” – whatever it may be.

Ngozi Adebiyi is the Lead Consultant at OutsideIn HR & Career/Leadership Coach @ OutsideInCoach. Our focus is practical interventions that address the challenges of businesses today. We specialise in HR Business Partnering & Leadership Development with the goal of revolutionising HR in Nigeria & consciously unleashing inner greatness! Ngozi@outsideinHRng.com

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