We offer general HR Consulting services such as HR Function Outsourcing, Organisation Culture Transformation, Employee Engagement, HR Audit & HR System Design etc.

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HRBP Development Program

The HRBP Development Program was designed to impact, change, and reposition attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours of existing Business Partners (BPs) and Team Leads.

The program combines leading edge thinking with hands-on BP expertise and was developed from a need to replicate a sustainable way to enable BPs become true, trusted and strategic advisors to the business. We have worked with over 100 HRBPs in over 10 organisations.

Quarterly HRBP Meet-Up

OutsideIn HR maintains the largest network of HR Business Partners (over 600) in Nigeria. Every quarter, since 2015, we host over 120 of these HRBPs to a meet-up event, to network and educate them on salient matters in HR that they should be concerned about. We have received sponsorship from diverse organisations ranging from big multinationals to medium sized local organisations.

For sponsorship, download the synopsis document here to understand what the requirements are. You can reach out to us to take the conversation further!

Managed Learning Services, Africa
(in partnership with Hemsley Fraser)

Our Digital Learning Platform provides the right training experience for your Talent. Whatever learning style suits you, our platform allows you choose a training program that is just right for you.

OutsideIn HR has partnered with Hemsley Fraser to create, deliver and execute learning experiences that drive higher levels of engagement through the digital learning platform. The platform has over 40 courses which addresses:

The unique features of the platform include:

  • Infographics
  • Animations
  • Fluid books
  • Thrive-in-five
  • Quizzes

Recruitment is fundamental to Human Resources. We help you identify the right people for your talent and organisational need. We have a network and repository of skilled professionals. Reach out to us today to get started.