Game-Based Learning is Not Rocket Science!

Do you know what the game in this article picture is called? I know you'll say “X and O”

Yeah! That is what we call it in this part of the world, but it is actually called “Tic-tac-toe”. At least you have learned one more thing today, you are welcome 😅.


Let’s get back to this game, I know you played it while growing up. The question is, what is your strategy in winning this game? How can you predict who will win this game? The only way to answer these questions is to do some mental calculation of your moves and pre-empt that of your opponent. This is exactly what strategy games are!

Strategy games are not just in the fun, but the learning that comes with it. A research carried out by our Israeli-based gamification partner, Accelium, revealed that people who learned problem-solving using a game-based approach had a 22% more success rate than those who didn’t. Game-based learning is increasingly becoming a preferred method of learning both in business and education.

Interestingly, using the game-based methodology for learning is not rocket science. I can categorically affirm this because we’ve been using game-based learning tools for our clients for about 7 years now. Accelium, our partner has developed some powerful game-based tools that we have leveraged and the outcomes have been tremendous.

We are now opening up the opportunity to you also to become a game-based facilitator. Accelium uses a unique methodology tagged – Play-Learn-Apply:

      • Play: Learn to play a strategy game that presents a specific problem or dilemma
      • Learn: metacognitive models and strategies which offer an effective solution to the challenges identified in the game
    • Apply: Use insights and strategies from the game-playing experience to solve real-world personal and professional challenges

You can gain access to the Accelium methodology and strategy games by joining our certification class.

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