Our Digital Learning Experience Platform
accommodates all of our offerings that are
completely run virtually.
They include fully self-paced learning, facilitator-led
sessions and a blend of both.

Synchronous Learning Offerings

Our synchronous learning offerings include all workshops that feature interaction with our Facilitators.

This includes the Online Game-Based Workshops, Celemi Virtual Workshops, customised leadership program (from C-Suite to Graduate Trainees) and client-specific focused areas.

Online Game-Based Workshops

The solutions are based on the Accelium system and include playing the smart games and getting a link to the Data Center to track progress and achievements.

Change Management - Game Based Webinar

How do you start a change process?
How do you create certainty?
What does it mean to recalculate a route?

An online session that is based on a strategy game workout and teaches participants practical thinking models for dealing with uncertainty and continuously changing situations.

Thinking-Outside-the-Box Game-Based Webinar

Feel like you are moving along the same paths and repeating the same patterns? Your organization and team are looking for new solutions and innovative ideas?

Join this Webinar to develop capacity for flexible thinking, expanding boundaries, and thinking outside the box.

Decision Making

Face fundamental decision making dilemmas: design a plan and execute it dynamically and in accordance with your adversary's moves;

Find the balance between a proactive approach and reactiveness; manage limited resources; find the opportune timing to act.

Problem Solving

Problems are an integral part of any challenge.

In this session we'll learn to approach a problem in a systematic way – analyze it, break it down into secondary goals, and identify its main components which require our attention.

Analysis and Deduction

Correctly understanding a situation is crucial in social, business, and interpersonal contexts.

Identify repeating patterns, and then learn to break free of them and revisit the problem from a whole new perspective.

Celemi Virtual Simulations

The virtual classroom solutions cover topics like basic business finance, how to create an agile mindset, the key to project success and more. Since 1978, Celemi has provided learning experiences that allow people to practice and improve their business acumen in a safe, risk-free environment. To continue doing so, the business simulations have been adapted to virtual classroom settings.

Celemi Business Finance™

In Celemi Business Finance™, you and your team lead a newly established, fictitious company facing financial challenges.

Through a number of interactive exercises related to a company, participants learn to secure a healthy cash flow, the importance of resource utilization, and how price impacts profit.

Celemi Agile Move™

Learn to quickly adapt and respond to changing market conditions. Drive success in an ambiguous world by applying agile principles. In Celemi Agile Move™, participants work in teams to explore and develop an agile mindset. This digital business simulation is set in a fictitious company dealing with the typical operational, strategic, and leadership challenges that many companies are facing today.

Participants work through the challenges and discuss and agree on which route to take – and get instant feedback on how well their decisions align with agile principles. The business impact of each decision is made clear, and teams compete to see who can work the most agile and deliver the best results.

Celemi Exploring Change™
(Addressing the Human Side of Change)

Celemi Exploring Change™ is a dialogue program about the human side of change.

It allows professionals to share and learn together while raising awareness on change theories in a safe environment. ​In this program, participants will identify change behaviors together.

In a facilitator-led discussion, they will uncover the success factors that address individuals’ resistance to change.

Celemi Cayenne™

Warm up a project team and bring out the best in each participant. Prepare your people to anticipate and navigate the heat of project pitfalls.
In Celemi Cayenne™, participants advise a recently finished project – an IT roll-out of a new system. The catch? Nobody’s satisfied. The project failed to deliver as expected, the potential value was insufficiently tapped and there were overruns.

In teams, participants revisit the project to identify the issues, deliver better results and maximize business value while balancing diverse stakeholder needs. The challenges are universal. The lessons are as memorable like the burn of a hot pepper. Help your company learn from their mistakes long before the stakes are high by playing Celemi Cayenne™ – the secret ingredient for securing project success.

Customised Leadership Program

To satisfy your leadership development needs, we have also made our leadership development programs available in a virtual format


This programs is suitable and adaptable for categories of employees ranging from C-Suite to Graduate trainees. Typical program content includse:

  • Stakeholder Analysis & Management
  • Building Trust
  • Communicating Strategically (Presentation & Communication Skills)
  • Leadership Brand & Execution
  • Developing Ownership Thinking & Grit (Accountability and Personal Responsibility)
  • Personal Effectiveness: Time Management, Prioritization And Productivity Improvement
  • Negotiation, Persuasion and Influencing People
  • A – Z of Business Partnering
  • Strategy Games: Decision Making, Problem Solving, Flexible Thinking & Analysis & Deduction
  • Business Simulation
Client-Specific Focused Programs

We are also sensitive to our clients' needs. We are able to provide customised learning programs based on client needs fully via a virtual platform.

Learner Experience Platform
(Asynchronous Learning Offering)

OutsideIn HR has partnered with Hemsley Fraser (HF) to create, deliver and execute learning experiences that drive higher levels of engagement through digital learning platform.

The platform has hundreds of topics which addresses:
• Personal Effectiveness
• Team Performance
• Management & Leadership
• Specialist & Technical
• Life Skills