Collaboration Programs

Our business partnering program has evolved into a wider scope that involves the cross-functional collaboration program (CFBP). Usually, various functions within an organisation do not realise that they are all working together to achieve one common goal of the organisation which is the vision. This brings about working in silos and prevents an organisation from maximally benefiting from team collaboration.

The CFBP is designed to help individuals within a function/team understand their roles within the team, other people's roles (both within the team and other teams), how their work affect others and how other's work affect theirs. This understanding helps employees carry out their function more effectively while collaborating with others. It will also help them better understand the process map within the organization.

Program Duration: 6 weeks

It combines highly interactive class-taught sessions with business simulation and coaching to deliver value to participants. Sessions will be half-day classes.

Skills Addressed
Business Acumen
Behavioural Skills
Functional Skills
Typical Program Content
  • Stakeholder Analysis & Management
  • Building Trust
  • Communicating Strategically (Presentation & Communication Skills)
  • Leadership Brand & Execution
  • Developing Ownership Thinking & Grit (Accountability and Personal Responsibility)
  • Personal Effectiveness: Time Management, Prioritization And Productivity Improvement
  • Negotiation, Persuasion and Influencing People
  • A – Z of Business Partnering
  • Strategy Games: Decision Making, Problem Solving, Flexible Thinking & Analysis & Deduction
  • Business Simulation
Team Building & Retreats

Team work is mandatory for a result driven, high performing and nurturing working environment. It is therefore imperative to put in place ways of growing and enhancing team work in every organization and one major way is having team members engage in theme-based team building program. The theme-based team building activities challenge team members to solve tasks at hand and in the process learn vital skills necessary for a good team. It also provide opportunities to share ideas in a fun and relaxed environment.

At OutsideIn HR, we have curated engaging and insightful team activities that flavour your team building and retreat experience. We combine a mix of strategic activities which are aligned with your organizational objectives and adapt them to team building goals to tune up the morale of your employees.

Leadership Development Programs

At OutsideIn HR, we provide custom-made leadership development intervention for clients. These learning interventions focus on skills and knowledge development, self-awareness and the abilities needed to lead effectively. These include:

  • Patrick Lencioni's Five Dysfunctions Of A Team
  • Customised Team Building Sessions
  • People Manager Development Workshop
  • O-Leadership Development Program
  • Managing and Motivating for Performance Training
  • Ownership Thinking Training
  • We work with clients to create customised solutions
Celemi Business Simulations

Business simulation is a realistic and engaging learning experience. People are made to understand new concepts, change behaviour and improve performance using a practical method. People learn by doing.

The CELEMI learning by doing approach secures highly motivated participants and the board based simulation guarantees a very high level of interaction. This process helps participants understand what it takes to pull in the same direction as ones company – as well as what levers to pull and how to bring new skills and insights into reality.

Celemi Cayenne

In Celemi Cayenne, participants identify and address critical and typical project challenges – stakeholder management, resource allocation and securing optimum business value.
Celemi Cayenne is the secret ingredient for securing project success.
Target Group: Project Managers, Business Executives, Content Provider Consultants, Experts, End Users and Support Personnels
Duration: 4- 8hours
Class Size: 25 Participants
Key Concepts:
Aligning & Involving a Project Team
Stakeholder Management
Decision Making
Project Management
Resource Allocation

Celemi Apples and Oranges

Celemi Apples & Oranges helps participants understand business finance and acumen in a practical and engaging way.
• Participants learn where costs are incurred and revenue is generated in a business by running a company over a period of three (3) years.
• Participants form the incoming management team of A&O Inc. – an established company that is facing some tough challenges. The team tracks the company from mediocrity to excellence.
• Participants learn how to monitor cash-flow, choose the best financial strategy, make resource utilization and productivity improvements. Participants also learn how to measure the results in the balance sheet and income statement.
Target Group: Employees at all levels
Anybody who will gain from learning about business finance
Duration: 6 - 8 hours
Class Size: 25 Participants
Key Concepts:
Business Acumen
Financial Literacy
Cash Management
Working Capital
Operational Decision- Making
Capacity Utilization

Celemi Exploring Change

In Celemi Exploring Change, participants discover the key success factors to building greater “openness” to change in their organisational resistance and how to successfully drive change initiatives.
The exercise is a dialog that addresses the human side of change and teaches participants how to navigate the change curve.
CELEMI Celemi Exploring Change provides abilities essential for business success and survival in a VUCA world.
Target Group: Employees in leadership
Employees on a leadership track
Duration: 4 - 7 hours
Class Size: 25 Participants
Key Concepts:
Change Management Awareness,
Change Implementation
Leadership Skills
Organizational resistance

The Medici Game

The Medici Game simulation is based on the bestselling book “The Medici Effect” by Frans Johansson.
It allows participants to take a fascinating journey to the Intersection – a place where ideas from different fields and cultures meet and collide, ultimately igniting an explosion of extraordinary new innovations.

Use Medici when you want to:
• Inspire people to think outside of the box and realize their own ability to be innovative.
• Reach a shared understanding through dialog and discovery.
• Create an innovative environment and support a cultural shift throughout the organization.
• Kick off a conference, project or other initiative and open people’s minds.
Key Themes: Innovation and Creativity
Tarrget Group: Employees at all levels in all types of organisation
Number of Partipants: 4 - 1000.
Duration: 3-4 hours

Celemi Performance

Celemi Performance helps employees to see opportunities in challenging business times.
In Celemi Performance, participants develop a shared understanding of what their organization is up against in terms of competition – and unite around the way forward to ramp up performance. At the end of the day, participants create a broad, shared understanding of the key issues and factors that influence their business performance.
Key Themes:
Decision Making
Decision making
Target Group: Managers and employees at all levels
Duration: 4 hours
Class Size: 25 Participants
Key Concept:
Customer Segmentation, Value- added Services
Strategy, Product Life Cycles, Short term vs Long term Profitability
Supply Chain Efficiency, Disruptive Technologies

Celemi Sales Endeavour

Celemi Sales Endeavour enables participants learn and apply a repeatable process for developing and executing a successful sales campaign. Celemi Sales Endeavour helps increase sales, improve close rates, reduce times ,and provides management greater insight into the organisation's sales pipeline.
In Celemi Sales Endeavor, participants engage in a case based project, ensuring particpant choose the most productive and profitable opportunities to pursue. This helps to save valuable time and resources that may have been invested in unprofitable projects or opportunities.
Key Themes: Value Selling, Solution Based Selling
Target Group: Sales Representatives, Sales Managers,
Sales Support
Duration: 1 - 3 days
Class Size: 25 Participants
Key Concepts:
Opportunity Management
Sales Process Alignment
Client Relationship Management
Key Account Management
Value based sellng

Celemi Agile Move

In Agile Move, participants will learn to quickly adapt and respond to the changes in the business world. To drive success in an unpredictable world, applying agile ways of working is key.
Better ability to react to market changes
Increased customer satisfaction
Develop big-picture understanding – an agile mindset
Increased productivity
Lower cost of development
Shorter time to market
Products that solve real customer needs
Key Themes: Adopt, Customer Value, Leadership, Teamwork, Decision making
Target Group: Anyone who wants to understand and adpot agile principles
Time: 3 - 4 hours
Class Size: 25 Participants
Key Concepts:
Agile Leadership
Efficient Teams
Customer Value
Work flow
Learn and improve together
Value for effort - effectiveness